Training and Reservations Services
Training and Reservations Services
Strategic Marketing Plans & Tactical Rate
Strategic Marketing Plans & Tactical Rate
Planning Product Placement
Planning Product Placement
Negotiated Reservations & Rates
Negotiated Reservations & Rates
Online Reservations
Online Reservations

Meeting Your Needs - Increased

  • Increased awareness, training and product negotiations = Increased Sales
  • We will include all feedback both positive and negative in our weekly reports so that you have a clear indication of the markets feeling towards the product.
  • The above feedback will generate opportunities to increase business through direct negotiations with product decision makers.

Meeting Your Needs – Develop Relationships

  • Sustainable relationships are the key to a products success in this industry.
  • Our goal when it comes to this topic is “we facilitate the direct relationship between buyer and product”.
  • We encourage joint sales calls so that you as a property owner/manager have the opportunity to network directly with our contacts.
  • This direct relationship turns our leads into support both short term and long term.


Agent Training and PR

This is a vital part of a clients communication with the travel trade. We have a strong PR trade and managing PR agencies for the consumer campaigns.
A PR strategy will be created and presented to the clients once the budget has been agreed.


With proven connections with all Radio channel and DSTV. We have running many successful TV advert for Tourism boards and Tour Operators
The campaigns are designed around the client’s needs and budgets.

TRADE Shows and Road Shows

Once clients have agreed on whats trade shows they want to be at, we will ensure that the client actively promoted at each relevant event in the most effective and cost efficient way.  A shows and exhibitions plan is incorporated into the annual marketing plan.  Additional events are proposed throughout the year as they are announced and the plan/budget presented as appropriate.  No activities are committed to until the client has confirmed appreciation and the budget sign off.


Close contacts with all major trade partners is the most important aspect of bookings. With our close relationship with the Top suppliers, we get our clients a foot in the door from the onset.

As such we are privy to each operator’s plans and strategy and work at the highest level to develop campaigns best suited to our client’s business growth.  Often these campaigns are developed on an exclusive basis thus enhancing our clients profile with both the trade and consumer. 


With our close ties to major tour operators we are able help our with their new contracting every year, thus saving our clients time and getting the rates out before the competition.


We know how important it is to get back to clients requests for reservations and bookings as fast as possible. So for each of our clients we offer a online booking and reservations to  check availability as fast as possible this can utilised 24/7 by any specialist operators.
This gives the Tour Operator to edge to close the booking the same day or even after hours.

Portfolio and Galleries and information packs 


Designed specifically for the Travel industry. Our websites,  are responsive for multiple devices, using the latest technology [HTML 5]. Interfaces look great and are intuitive. The sites have a content management system. We tailor the website to your brand, business and customers needs. 
We will show off services to your clients. Just a to list a few features you can have, full width responsive designs, online booking, reservations services, photo galleries, videos, HTML email responses, mobile friendly. Added features such as google ads and social media marketing can also be done.